Great Places to Sell Used Tires

A lot of people decide about upgrading or replacing their car wheels or tires much before they actually wear out. Now you might wonder about what you could do with your used car or truck tires. If you think that your wheels are safe and in a good condition, then you can sell the used tires. Let’s find out how we can go about selling our used tires for a profit.

You could make a good amount of money by selling used tires. The old tires can in fact be utilized for many different purposes, which includes creating recap or retread tires which are affordable for all those with a limited budget. The old tires can be used in various recycling projects too. Securing and selling used tires to the right buyers can help in paying some of the expense for your new tires.

Before you start marketing your used tire, always assess the tire’s current condition. Look if the tread is fine or worn out or if the tires are less or more bare? Have a realistic and a thorough look at your tires and it will help in getting a real description and detail of the tire’s condition and will also let you have an idea about where exactly you can sell them.

Taking out an ad in your local newspaper is one of the nicest and easiest ways of starting the whole process of selling the used tires. With the description that you drafted post the assessment of the tires conditions, you can put up an ad for the newspaper which can be printed for a few days together in a row at least. Even in case you plan to sell used tires continuously, the newspaper would have some special rates most often than not, for these small time business ads. If you want print ads, then you have to look out for local magazines and a lot of communities today have these weekly publications which are mainly outlets for selling used items, which includes car accessories and parts.

You can also visit the local businesses which create and sell recap and retreat tires. They might be keen on buying the tires from you, especially if you have maintained them in a good condition for the purposes of recapping. You could be offered anywhere between 25 and 50% of the retail price. Last, however not the least, check out the local garages near you which keep good quality of used tires. Visit these garages and ensure that they sell same size of tires. Selling used tires requires a good amount of research if you wish to get the maximum possible return for the same. Explore all the options you have, very carefully, and then determine what all places can bring you the maximum profit by selling the used tires. When you evaluate all the available options you have, and when you are fully honest with the potential buyers, then your chances of selling your old used tires, for a decent profit will definitely be great!