Used 22 Inch Rims and Tires for Sale

Definitely there is no wheel that would stand out without the rims and tires. Proper selection and maintenance should be made to prolong the longevity of these stuffs. The question is how can you maintain rims and tires? Are the used 22 inch rims and tires for sale a good option for your vehicle? Even when you purchase a set of used 22 inch rims and tires for sale, it doesn’t matter if it is second-hand. What matters most is that these rims and tires pass the standards to ensure safety of the riders and passengers. Aside from this, they are made with quality.

With the used 22 inch rims and tires for sale, you can save a lot of money. In this manner, you help the environment in your very own way through reusing of these rims and tires. It is worth the expense when you properly select the good stuffs such as the used 22 inch rims and tires for sale for your vehicle.

Considerations Concerning Rims

When you are in pursuit for rims, there are numerous elements to consider. These include the diameter, width of the rims and its types.

  • Diameter – It refers to the distance between the bead seats.
  • Width – This dimension measures the separation distance of the opposed rim flanges.
  • Types of rims – In the selection of rims, the kind of tires and vehicle will serve as basis. You may either select one-piece rims or multi-piece rims.

Considerations for tire selection

It is not only rims that have the criteria for the selection. There are also guidelines that need to be observed.

  • General condition of the tires – The overall condition of the tires also accounts to the performance of the vehicle and also the expectancy of the tires. Be observant for any damages such as bulges and cuts because this only indicates that the tires will not efficiently perform its functions. Multiple repairs are the evidences for the damages.
  • Size of tires – It is not for the reason that you like bigger or smaller tires for your vehicle, you can select them. Follow the recommended size tires for your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer. This is to prevent hassle and unwanted expenditures.
  • Tires age – Performance of your vehicle can be compromised if you purchase tires aged more than six years. They are prone to brittleness. One way to find out for the date it is manufactured is through looking for the three or four digit number on the tires.

Proper mounting of the used 22 inch rims and tires for sale

After you have chosen used 22 inch rims and tires for sale, you have to gear yourself for the appropriate installation of these stuffs. Prepare your toolbox and get ready for installation.

  1. First of all, you have to place the rims on a flat surface. The lip of the rim and the tire’s bead should be wet with soapy water which will serve as a lubricant.
  2. Now, you have to place the tire on the rim at an angle and pop it over the rim’s lip. This can be done by simply leaning on the top of the edge while kneeling at the lower edge of the tire. Afterwards, you may apply a rocking and rotating motion.
  3. To pull the tire over the lip of the rim, you may employ the pry bar and place it under the lip of the rim.
  4. With the second pry, do the same only that it should be six inches to eight inches above the first. Counter-clockwise rotation has to be applied to be able to slide to the circumference of the rim with the use of the second pry bar while keeping the first pry bar fixed.
  5. Inflate the tire while it the tread is settled on the surface. If there are gaps, deflate and inflate again the tires.

Maintaining the used 22 inch rims and tires for sale

Measures that should be employed to keep your used 22 inch rims and tires include the following:

  • Use a cleaner for the rim that does not contain acidic components and rinse. For the tires, use mild soap and water for cleaning to prevent damages to the components. If you are unsure in cleaning these stuffs, you may refer to an expert.
  • Make it a habit to visually inspect for any damages on the rims and tires. This is to give early action once damages are perceptible.
  • Use a less abrasive polish and cloth when you intend to shine the wheels.